Is Single Farm Matcha Better Than Blends?

Matcha is often marketed by some companies as being from a single farm, whereby the use of this language is intended to be a sign of superior quality.

Are single farm matchas better? Well... yes and no.

It depends what grade of matcha we're talking about, but in general, this line of thinking is a major oversimplification. 

Very high quality, competition grade matcha will often be single farm. We are talking prime farm real estate, extensive shading, hand picked, and harvested once per year. A lot of time and care goes into it.

This tea is very pricy, and is not what most of us drink from day to day. Our Focused As F*ck Organic is in this category. 

In our experience, high quality daily drinking matcha (and high quality culinary matcha) often tends to be better when it is blended from multiple farms. An experienced tea master can use their knowledge (and taste buds) to combine teas from different fields to create a well balanced and truly delightful flavour profile for a given price point.

Top Japanese matcha brands (who sell almost exclusively in Japan) have been doing it this way all along, and this is the way we choose to source our Cozy As F*ck, Cozy As F*ck Organic, and Focused as F*ck.

But also recognize: just because a matcha is a blend does not automatically make it good! There are low quality “utility” matcha blends that are yellow, bitter, and just plain terrible.

Make sure you are buying from a reputable company who sources high quality matcha, otherwise you will be drinking matcha that tastes like... well, grass. 

Single farm or blend? It depends. Some daily drinking matcha from a single farm may be very good, or there could be better alternatives.

We choose to do our due diligence to source the best quality (and best tasting!) matcha around, without dogmatically sticking to one farm or sourcing method.

If you have any questions about how we source our matcha, please contact us any time. We'd love to hear from you!

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