GOLD: Premium Daily Matcha
GOLD: Premium Daily Matcha
GOLD: Premium Daily Matcha

GOLD: Premium Daily Matcha

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Ditch the caffeine jitters you get from coffee (ugh, no thanks!) and enjoy this tea that gives you longer-lasting energy & focus, with no jitters or caffeine crash

We LOVE how this tea has also DRAMATICALLY lowered our anxiety, too, thanks to the high level of l-theanine!

If you're looking to boost your energy, increase your focus, and reduce your anxiety, our Cozy As F*ck matcha is EXACTLY what you need!

This matcha is so creamy and smooth, it's got a velvety feel in the mouth - in the best way possible! 

Add some milk, sweetener of choice, and whisk or blend it up. Or, of course, you can drink it straight-up (just add water). Enjoy your afternoon (or morning!) pick-me-up.

This non-organic GOLD tier matcha is a touch sweeter than our organic variety.

  • No Bitterness
  • Creamy
  • Smooth & Velvety
  • VIBRANT Bright Green In Color
  • Blend of Spring Harvest & Summer Harvest (First Flush & Second Flush)
  • Premium, High Quality Matcha
  • Sourced From Japan
  • A Touch Sweeter Than Our Organic Variety
  • No Added Sugars (Or Other Ingredients)


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