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This is the good sh*t.


For a long time, we settled for whatever matcha was available in our grocery stores and on Amazon. We settled because we didn't know that better matcha existed. So imagine our reaction when we finally tasted incredibly delicious, premium matcha from Japan.. 

What a shock! It was creamy, sweet, and had zero bitterness

The stuff we were drinking from the stores/Amazon was extremely bitter, had a chalky taste, and were so gross on their own we had to mix it with loads of milk and sugar just to make it palatable. 

The stuff from Japan was sweet, smooth and delicious - and all we added was water! 

Immediately, we knew we had to get this matcha into the hands of everyone we could. That's when Metta Tea Co. was born, and now here we are! 

We have for you the world's best-tasting matcha. Nothing else compares (we've had some AMAZING matcha and some very horrific matcha (sorry, Costco!), and this stuff takes the cake).

Our matcha - 

  • Is 100% pure matcha green tea powder.
  • Sourced from Japan.
  • Is smooth.
  • Is creamy.
  • Has zero bitterness.
  • Is sweet.
  • Is of the highest quality powder, thanks to being slowly stone-ground.
  • Is free of unnecessary additives, sweeteners and fillers.
  • Is packed and sealed in Japan during production, for maximum freshness, flavor, and color.
  • Is vegan and gluten-free.

We are incredibly proud of what we've discovered and prepared for you. There's not a single doubt that you will love our matcha. 

It really is the best in the world. Try it and find out for yourself. (You've gotta taste it to believe it!)

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