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Giving You Sustained Energy Without The Caffeine Jitters


No One Should Suffer From The Jitters or a Caffeine Crash Just To Have More Energy In Their Day

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As promised, this matcha lived up to its hype! It tastes delicious and has no grassy flavour or chalkiness like the brand we were previously drinking. Bright green like a fantastic quality matcha should be. Glad we found this!

Sonia Jung

This is my first experience with Matcha tea and I must say, I'm officially hooked. This stuff is amazing! Metta Tea Co. has obviously accomplished their goal in producing a quality product.

Gordana Jakopcevic

I’m definitely converted to a Matcha Lover!! But only if it’s Metta matcha. I am a forever super-fan! 

If you’ve tried matcha before and didn’t love it, I highly recommend giving this brand a try.

Crystal Honeycutt

THIS MATCHA IS OUT OF THIS WORLD MIND BLOWING AWESOMENESS! Thanks for letting me love matcha again... why didn't you make this product sooner?

Martine Fletcher

I've tried a few other Matcha brands and they don't compare to the vibrant colour and smooth taste of this one. Love it! ❤️

I've also cut back on coffee, too! Ty.

Angela Wills

Taste is as promised. Smooth creamy and luscious. I was buying a Matcha almost every day, now I make @mettateaco Matcha every day. I also bought a Nespresso heater/foamer. It makes my day even brighter than before.

Beth Nydick